Boat yard

Have bell in the boat yard for some maintenance and upgrades. Repaint the bottom, replace the boot and pin striping, replace the macerators,replace the wind vane, install a camera on the top of the mast, buff and compound the gel coat, paint the prop with prop speed, and add 3D sonar transducers.

That should be enough, hoping to get it done in 8 days. We are on day four and will be painting the hull. 2 coats should take half the day.20181002_155524




Solar on th boat

Our next project on the boat is adding solar.

This will entail mounting, wiring, new batteries, and replacing the charger with an inverter/charger.

The panels we went with are made by Solaria. They are the PowerXT 350 high power all black mono 60 cell units. We are putting 4 of these on the boat. Two over the bimini and 2 over the dinghy davits.

From the panels we will have a breaker to control when we want sun power and to also be able to work down line without being shocked. To control the sun power we are using 2 MPPT Victron 100/50 controllers that are blue tooth capable.

We added the Victron BMV 712 battery monitor to be able to manage the power. Soon we will add the Color Monitor GX to be able to fully customize the system and be able to review remotely.

The battery plan will be 5 Lithium 12 volt 200 amp hour units. These are the prismatic style that come in 2 cell 3.2 volt and will be matched as 4 to make a 12 volt battery.  Three of these 12 volt batteries will go on the port side under our garage storage area. Replacing our 2 AGM house batterys that were 200 amp hour a piece. The other 2 will be placed on the starboard side next to our black water holding tank.

Stay tuned for the Belle power manegement install.





Winter on a Sailboat

This was the coldest and snowiest we have ever seen since moving aboard Belle 18 months ago!


20 degree temps, 4 inches of snow. Brrrrr. We survived though! Wish for those warmer latitudes, someday!


We are busy working on the future plans. Stay tuned as we update, replace, amend, and add items needed for our home aboard Belle.


Plans for added power supply living off the grid, solar panels, batteries, and electonics.



First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

We had a visitor! We must have been really good. New Axiom 12 inch display, HD radar and AIS transciever’
Santa with the goods

We must of been really good this year, Santa made a visit with gifts galore.


9806This will be our blog page to cover things like where, what, and when!


Here is the Admiral and Captain. First photo on the boat!