Winter on a Sailboat

This was the coldest and snowiest we have ever seen since moving aboard Belle 18 months ago!


20 degree temps, 4 inches of snow. Brrrrr. We survived though! Wish for those warmer latitudes, someday!


We are busy working on the future plans. Stay tuned as we update, replace, amend, and add items needed for our home aboard Belle.


Plans for added power supply living off the grid, solar panels, batteries, and electonics.



First blog post

This is the post excerpt.

We had a visitor! We must have been really good. New Axiom 12 inch display, HD radar and AIS transciever’
Santa with the goods

We must of been really good this year, Santa made a visit with gifts galore.


9806This will be our blog page to cover things like where, what, and when!


Here is the Admiral and Captain. First photo on the boat!