Bizzy B

Things we use.

Bizzy B our aqua car!

This is how she arrived!


Well packaged ready to open.


The captain doing what he does best, Blow Hard!


Side by side comparison, 9’6″ compared to 9’10”. She has 10″ larger diameter tubes which helps keep you dry. The storage compartments at the front are great to keep the gas tank, anchor, and other needed items. She is a Zar Mini10. Sold through Inflatable Boat Pro.


Of course you need something to push her around. So we added this Darth Vader looking motor.  We took a fender and cut it in half. Attached it to the bottom of the motor to protect Belle when loading and un-loading. The dinghy motor has a lifting hook already attached under the cover. So, we just remove the cover and use the lift to lower to Bizzy B!