Off to Bahamas

We left on the 250 mile sail to Bimini from Cuba. Took 40 hours with no issues, except dodging about 30 container ships

We arrived in Bimini early in the morning. Headed into the north island and stayed for 2 nights. Shopped, ate ate big Joe’s, bought the famous coconut bread, walked the beaches, and found tons of sea glass.

Left Bimini heading for Nassau, we needed a new low pressure pump for our water desalinator. Stopped in the middle of the Bahama bank at the McKay Shoal for a night, then onto Chub Cay.

We passed up on Chub and went to Bird Cay. Went to shore there and the next island Whale Cay. Whale had an old light house. Very nice setting.

Next morning up anchor for the 40 mile run to Nassau. Arrived under sail and notified the harbor master of our intentions. Dodged the cruise ships and anchored in front of Atlantis the resort on Nassau. Stayed there for 2 nights after sightseeing the island. Left for Highborne Cay.

High winds and wrong wind direction. The 6 hour trip took 9 hours. Spent the night and left the next morning for Fowl Cay. Great day sail.

Fowl Cay is just above Big Major where the pigs live. You can go ashore and adore your piglets. Feed, swim with them, and just watch the other yachty’s play with the pigs.

We stayed 2 nights and were able to take Bizy B over to Staniel Cay. Took in the sights and snorkeled the “Grotto”. It is a cave that you can dive into, swim under the rocks into and enjoy the surroundings in a cave.

While there we met the Distant Shores crew, a couple we have followed and gave us the inspiration to tackle this adventure we are on.

As usual a storm kicked up. Winds blew, waves grew. Our little Anchorage spot got precarious and all left but us and the 115 foot mega yacht Five Waves. Well Five Ways dragged anchor heading for the rovks, we honked our air horn and hailed them on the vhf radio. Finally the crew came out and just in time before hitting the rocks. They did run up on sand but with the high horse power and bow thrusters they unstuck themselves.

Well after the calamity of Five Waves we decided to move over to the next bay. HA, right. We pulled up anchor and motored right onto a sand bar. Thank you falling tide.

We were stuck for 2 hours with us trying to sail off by heeling over and off, motoring off, and just waiting for the tide to change. Well the wind and current kept pushing into shallower water. The couple from Bear came by and offered help. But the final trick was to drop Bizy B in the water, attach a tow line to Belle’s bow and spin Belle 180 degrees. This pointed us towards the deeper water.

Once pointed in the right direction, we dropped the anchor into Bizzy B along with 100 feet of chain. I motored Bizy out in front of Belle the 100 feet and dropped our Mantus anchor. With the anchor set we used the electric windlass to pull Belle off the sand bar.

Yahoo, free at last. We stayed another night in front of the pigs at Big Major Cay. Saw the pigs, swam the Grotto again. Lots of fun. Visited with new friends.

Left Big Major for Black Point on Great Guyana Cay. Walked the northern part of the island. Saw the Castle house, blow holes, and rock farm. Really good food and celebrated my birthday at Lorraines. Lorraine made me a cake.

We left Great Guyana heading for Rudder Cay. This is David Copperfields private residence area. Absolutely beautiful. Copperfield actually had a piano and mermaid sunk for our snorkeling amusement. Also, there is a cave you can go into for great photo opportunities.

We left Rudder Cay for Georgetown. We needed some boat parts as usual and resupply the perishable food items. Re fueled the mother ship, met some friends. Stopped off at the beach for a chat n chill with sundowners. We stayed a couple nights, fixed the head sail and other items then left for Conception Island.

Day sailed to Conception. Stayed a day and was able to take Bizy B up the river and ashore. Lots of life on and around the island.

Left Conception and headed to Clarencetown. South end of Long Island. Neat town known for a couple churches. Walked and saw the sights. We left there for West Palma Cay.

As usual I like to swim when we anchor. Look at Belle under water and see what’s on the bottom. The water here is “Gin ” clear. Well while I was swimming a local shark made a visit. Oh boy scared the crap out of me.

We we survived the shark encounter and left the next day for Abraham’s Bay in Mayaguana. This is the last island in the Bahamas. We checked out and left for the Turks n Caicos.

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