We made our first stop leaving the USA a non common destination. We wanted the feel of a different country and differing government.

Well it did not disappoint.  The people are fantastic. They have the demeanor of no worries but always open to getting something.

They have a no hurry demeanor, cause it doesn’t matter but want to be part of what is going on. A social group order that makes gathering a sense of meaning.

We arrived in Marina Hemingway after a 17 hour trip from Key West. Early morning arrival to the Cuban landscape just east of Havana with the sun rising over our left shoulder seemed magical.

The skyline was visible for 3 hours before sun up. Once you can see the outline of the city of Havana the smells erupt as a sensory overload.

Dirt, grass, flowers, yet with the overwhelming odor of pollution mixed in. You see the low levels of smoke from burning fires and power plants.

Navigating to the marina was straight forward. Having modern electronic navigation was like you had already been there. We traversed the sea marker as instructed and hailed the marina officials. Entering a 50 foot wide channel made by detonating dynamite thru coral reefs over 75 years ago.

They responded in comprehensible English to get us in and on the government docks for immigration. Once we checked in and had all inspections completed we where directed to or slip.

The slip was just in front of Addison Chan on Three Penny Opera. Their vessel is the same make and model as ours, so we looked like 2 peas in a pod bow to stern. Catalina 42 mkii.

Addison has written for magazines and made an app for Cuba called Cuba Land and Sea. Also a page on facebook. He has been visiting Cuba for the last 8 years and was a great wealth of knowledge for the ins and outs of our travels in Cuba.

We rested for a day and began our site seeing. That ranged from the Havana night life, Fusta Tile covered neighborhood,  and the mountains of Viñelas!

All good times making friends and memories to relive. We where toured around in mid 50’s American cars, serenaded in cas de particulars, picked rolled and smoked cigars, treated to local guava rum, coffees, and honey.

As you can imagine the time flew by. It was time to move on. We will return and see the southern side next year.

Thank you Cuba.20190326_07332520190407_102100.jpg20190407_114626.jpg20190407_105730.jpg20190403_080028.jpg20190401_145223.jpg20190401_090631.jpg20190328_120932.jpg20190326_093341.jpg

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