Islamorada to Key West

Wow those 8 weeks flew by!.

We left Islamorada for a 6 hour sail to Marathon. With our experience into the cotton key basin bumping along the bottom we were slightly anxious and apprehensive leaving Islamorada.

We had No issues, very thankful. Smoothly left Anchorage and crossed out under the number 5 channel bridge back out into the Atlantic, dodging the crab pot buoys along the way.

We anchored outside of Boot Harbor in Marathon as we planned on only 2 days there. Visited with a few friends, Addison Chan and Danny Villagoz. Very neat organized harbor. Lots of boats.

We left on our trip to the keys. Left early and made it about 10 miles with the looks of a great sail south. But, a boat we were following called out a Mayday!

One of the crew was doing an engine check and got there hair caught in the drive shaft. It totally scalped the women’s head. We stayed close until the coast guard arrived. She is recovering but wow what an accident.

We came into Key West thru the cruise ship docks, by Mallory Square and Sunset Pier. Lots of boats and crazy Anchorage. We traversed around into Garrison Bight mooring field . Grabbed a mooring ball with the help of our friends Janice and Dave Roehr on Obsesseion.

Only issue on the trip was the sea grass. It wrapped up around the prop shaft, we had to stop forward motion just as we were entering the bight, put the gear selector in reverse to disengage the grass. The motor started vibrating is how we noticed. Must have picked up the grass while sailing. Guess we need to spend another 5k on a folding prop, lol.

Now it has been 7 weeks here. You have to be careful traveling with no set schedule. Each stop has it’s own velcro. Meaning it’s easier to stay and get stuck or just like the place not wanting to leave.

We had an issue though. When we bought our Bizzy B the dinghy and we never got the title from the dealer. Well we had to threaten with attorney, social media blasting and finally Bizzy is legal and we have final proof of ownership.

In key west we have visited all you can see if not once but twice. Many sunrises and sunsets. Butterfly gardens. Lighthouse’s, snorkeling, people watching. Eating the best food and had a couple drinks.

We are planning on leaving in a couple days. Going to the Marquese Key one night, then to Dry Tortugas, and over to Cuba. Yeah Cuba. It’s just 90 miles away and will take 14 to 18 hours to get there.

So stay tuned for that trips stories.IMG_20190314_225522_95720190305_065428IMG_20190303_163457_87320190223_18183720190215_120213.jpg

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