It’s been a busy year!

We are still in Islamorada, Fl. It is true velcro sets in and it’s hard to move. You can get stuck in a place because of:

Waiting for parts
Good dingy dock
West Marine .25 away or 3 light poles
Good cell service
Wifi available
Protected Anchorage (most of the time)
Clear water you can see the bottom
Food provisioning close
Dive shop close
Live music every night
Projects that just linger

Family is one reason we stayed here. Michelle’s family from McCall and Boise, Idaho made plans to vacation here. It worked right into our travel plans heading south so we visited with them. Danny, Kenny, Destin, Shawn, Alexis, Lexi, Justin, and Lody all flew out for 2 weeks.

We were able to fish, snorkel, swim, hang out, paddle board, kayake, sight see, and just be family. Way too much food, some drink, and a lot of warm sun. They left -2°F so the warm southern air was fantastic for them. We even had a heated pool, live salt water pond that had fish and lobster.

Before they got here we were able to get our warranty replacement solar controller mailed here. Installed that and now have full usage of our 1400 watts of solar. Now on our 5th week of no auxiliary power needed.

Also, recieved the replacement water maker parts that were destroyed in shipping to Savannah, GA. Thanks to West Marine, we were able to plan that out, pick up necessary parts and pieces for the install. Took us a few days to complete with great results of more water than expected. We will run this every 4th day to fill 1 tank at a time, we have 3 total, 115 gallons.

Now we still need to complete 1 project spray foam frig and freezer. Get an in water survey for the insurance company (extended cruising coverage). Update our paperwork to Cuba for the current dates. Wait for a good weather window.

Enjoy the pics!20190108_17445020190119_175657.jpg

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